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Manic Ceramics

Celebrations & Occasions

Make the perfect keepsake for any special occasion: weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, school leavers, retirement, etc.

Commission us or paint your own

We offer a postal service if you can't visit our shop.


 Capture your little one’s precious hand and foot prints. The resulting pottery makes an ideal keepsake, which can be used or just displayed. A fantastic gift for mums, dads, grandparents and godparents.
Handprints on pottery
• Choose from a wide range of tiles, mugs, plates, bowls and money boxes priced from £10
• Decide on the colour and let us help you obtain the best possible prints.
• Finish your items by adding any messages, dates and names.

Your pottery needs to be left with us for glaze firing; this can take typically 7-10 days, but we can endeavour to finish the item sooner if you are in a desperate hurry for a gift, although this might incur an additional charge for a one off kiln firing.


Clay plaques
Your child’s hands or feet are gently pressed into clay, then the plaques are biscuit fired and glazed; you choose colours and any text, names and dates to be added. 

Clay plaques need to be dried very slowly before their first firing, this is to avoid any warping and cracking. It is a timely process so please bear this in mind if you are wanting these as gifts; you will need to allow 3-4 weeks minimum for the completed item. Prices from £40.


Christening and Naming Ceremony plates
A lasting memento of your child’s special day. Your guests sign on the pottery item of your choice, leaving their own personal messages – which will then be fired permanently onto the pottery. We are happy to add your baby’s footprints or any artwork to the item which, once glazed, is then suitable for use or display.


Commemorative Birth Plates and 
Piggy Banks
Commission one of our artists to hand-paint a design. Once the birth details and name of the baby are added, the plate or piggy bank results in a fabulous personalised gift.



• Messages are glazed onto our pottery which 
is then suitable for use or display.

• We can add any artwork of your choice and we have many different shapes and sizes of pottery suitable for your guests to sign. 

• All you have to do is take along your chosen pottery with the pens we provide to your event and ask your guests to add messages and signatures. Return the item to us for the final intricate finishing and glaze firing. Prices are typically £40-£100



Please call or message us if you have any queries about what we can do, be it a wedding, work leaving present, etc, there is something for every occasion and celebration.