Manic Ceramics
Manic Ceramics

Parties & Group Sessions

Please come into store or phone us if you are looking to organise a party or group and we can help you choose the items you’d like to paint.
If you are a trade customer, please contact us for model information/ordering.

Finished Children’s Party Creations

Finished Children’s Party Creations


We have been hosting parties since 2003, perfect for all ages and at every party guests have commented how much they’ve enjoyed it and parents are happy with how easy it was to organise. Another plus side is that each child will have a lasting keepsake of the happy event and so party bags are not required!
Party A - a selection of our standard model range.
Party B - a selection of our mid-range models and mugs.
Party C - a selection of trinket boxes, dishes, side plates, money boxes and larger models.

+ a free fingerprint keepsake of manic ceramics choice will be made at every party for the birthday child.

A £20 deposit is required to secure the session. Invitations are available upon request.
You are very welcome to bring your own choice of food should you wish for which we ask for an additional £5 which includes squash for the painters if required.

PRICES (subject to change):
Party A = £12 • Party B = £15 • Party C = £18

Finished Hen Party Creations

Finished Hen Party Creations

Hen Party

Manic Ceramics is a great location for a fun-filled Hen Party. A great way to start off an evening with your friends, perhaps you could all paint something for the Bride-to-Be.
Take advantage of our coffee and light refreshments or bring your own wine and nibbles.

Prices are typically @ 15.00 GBP and 20.00 GBP

We can also come out to your location should you prefer (mileage charged @ .45p) and although we can’t guarantee it we try our best to fire your items within 2 days to assist collection.

Bridesmaids' Presents and Wedding Favours 
Decorate jewellery boxes for your bridesmaids (or commission us to design them for you), design pots for the flowers, candlesticks for the tables, etc. As we also have a bespoke side to our pottery we can produce logo’s initials etc onto any ceramic item which would make fabulous functional favours for your guests.

To find out more information please call so we can recommend a package that will suit your needs.


Schools, Groups & Clubs

Manic Ceramics has been running pottery and clay workshop sessions with local schools and other clubs and groups since opening in 2003 (both Primary and Secondary). We are happy to work closely with any specific requirements / curriculum and can provide expertise, advice and access to any equipment needed. The paints are non-toxic and non-staining and so the whole process is very straightforward.

Sessions can be held at our city centre studio, or at your own venue. Each session can be structured to last 1 or 2 hours.

Pottery painting is a particularly rewarding, relaxing, creative and enjoyable activity. And being so ‘hands-on’ really doesn’t have to mean ‘messy’ - all of our products are safe and non-staining. Paints wipe off tables with ease.

Tile Murals always look fabulous, perhaps as a welcome at the school entrance.

For a child to design and paint their own mug or bowl which they can then use is particularly rewarding. A perfect way to tie in with any particular themes you may be studying with your group as well.

We have recently worked with a whole primary school, each class had tied in their current study topic with a plate design. The painting sessions fitted into each class’ usual sessions and the project lasted 2 days. Another local reception class made models of their favourite mini-beasts from clay which we then biscuit fired for them. Another primary school invited us to visit with mugs, for children with the best attendance levels to paint as a reward.

Class sizes are not a problem – 10 children or 30 makes no difference – and once the session has started your class will be totally absorbed in the activity, which typically lasts 1 – 1.5 hrs.

We are happy to supply your school with clay and offer a kiln firing service too.

Please enquire for our prices for any project you may have in mind.